DoDo Leung                                                                        

has been begun her career in fashion designer for over 15 years.

With enrich working experience,

she specializes in ladies’ high fashion and evening wear,

especially in cutting & embroidery design.

She debuted her own private label “Mondovi”of ladies’highen lingerie couture collection.


Mondovi ®

Mondovi’s design philosophy is to show the ravishing fe minine physique,

luxurious lingerie features as finest gown. In recent year,Mondovi actively participate in international fashion show as “World Boutique Hong Kong”,“Fashion Exposed & preview” in Sydney ,"Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia" , “Taipei IN Style”


Mondovi @PMQ

S413, Block A, PMQ 

35 Aberdeen Street

Central, Hong Kong

T: +852 37911093

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852- 5491 2682